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London Radio Stations

Welcome To The Vibrant And Pulsating World Of Block Music Radio, A Digital Haven Where The Heartbeat Of London’s Music Scene Echoes Through Carefully Curated Tunes. Immerse Yourself In The Soulful Sounds And Rare Grooves That Define The Eclectic Spirit Of Our Internet Radio Station.

At Block Music Radio, Our Mission Is Crystal Clear: We Are Unwaveringly Dedicated To Championing Artists And Music Genres That Often Slip Through The Cracks Of Mainstream Attention. Our Aim Is To Challenge And Inspire Listeners To Embark On A Musical Journey, Exploring New Landscapes, Uncovering Forgotten Classics, And Embracing The Rich Diversity Of London’s Musical Tapestry.

Live Radio

Step Into A Realm Where Past And Present Harmonize, Creating A Truly Unique And Immersive Listening Experience. Whether You’re A Seasoned Music Aficionado Or Someone Seeking Something Fresh, Block Music Radio Invites You To Discover The Soulful Rhythms That Resonate Through The Heart Of London.

For Those With An Appreciation For Soulful Sounds And Good Vibes, Block Music Radio Is Your Destination Of Choice. Our Carefully Crafted Playlists Span Across Soul, Rare Groove, And Deep Soulful House, Promising To Have You Dancing In Your Living Room And Feeling The Rhythm In Your Soul.

If You’re Yearning For A Different Take On Traditional Soul Music, Block Music Radio Is Your Go-To Destination. Unearth Not Only Unique Tracks But Also The Latest Releases From Emerging Artists, Ensuring A Dynamic And Ever-Evolving Musical Journey That Keeps Your Senses Engaged.

Let’s Introduce You To Our Talented Lineup Of DJs, Each Bringing Their Own Distinct Flavour To The Mix. Among Them Is The Renowned Albert Redding, Whose Soul And Rare Groove Sets Transport You To The Golden Era Of Soul Music. Albert’s Celebrated Sets Are Known For Their Originality And Authenticity, Making Him A True Maestro Of The Genre.

DJ Laurent Thompson, Abbie Charles, DJ Connie, And MC Psychedelic Eric Are Among The Mainstays Who Host Shows On Our Popular Radio Station. Each Of Them Brings A Unique Perspective To The Airwaves, Ensuring A Diverse And Enriching Musical Experience For Our Listeners. From Soulful Classics To The Latest Beats, Our DJs Curate Playlists That Cater To A Wide Range Of Tastes, Making Block Music Radio A Melting Pot Of Musical Brilliance

More Than Just A Station, Block Music Radio Is A Celebration Of London’s Musical Diversity. Join Us On This Sonic Adventure Where The City’s Soulful Beats Come To Life, And Discover Why We Stand As One Of The Most Unique Internet Radio Stations In London. Our Commitment To Showcasing The Richness And Variety Of London’s Music Scene Is Unwavering, And We Invite You To Be Part Of This Musical Journey.

Live Radio

Welcome To Block Music Radio – Where The Rhythm Of London Never Stops, And The Soulful Symphony Continues To Captivate Hearts And Minds. Join Us As We Celebrate The Magic Of Music And Explore The Endless Possibilities That Our Carefully Curated Playlists Have To Offer. Block Music Radio Is Not Just A Station; It’s A Testament To The Timeless And Boundless Power Of Music.

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