DJ Hire London, Professional Party Planners Established 1983

DJ-Hire London Party Organiser established in 1983.
We are professional artists producer’s, and party promoter’s, furthermore we are license holders,
Therefore organising an event couldn’t be easier.
True Pioneers, 88-89 Summer of Love. 
Playing our part since 1983 Shaping the history and course of the British Music Industry as to what it is today,
Additionally, the best in the uk, moreover we have been hosting private party’s and events since 1983,
So your in safe hands.
How Can We Specifically Help You At DJ-Hire
Professional DJ’s coupled with top MC’s from London accompanied by Mc’s and Internationally Recognised DJ’s.

You Are Welcome To Join our London Station.

DJ’s, you’re all welcome to register, in addition your all welcome to stream live on Block Music Radio.

Block Music Radio Station And Social Media DJ-Hire

In addition, Psychedelic can stream your event live to the world on one of London’s fastest growing Radio Station’s,

Block Music Radio.

Your event is streamed live on our platforms in turn exposing your event to a much larger audience.

Music Categories, DJ-Hire

For all genres of music categories and occasions, we certainly strive to be the best and love what we do,

Also, if you are promoting you’re venue, well surely help with that too.

Four Live Events Limited, Just Platters Uk

Psychedelic coupled with Four live Events Limited who accompanies us, checkout there Instagram page,

Not to mention of their delicious Jerk platters, Caribbean & European Cuisine

In The community.

What’s more we fully support our local community and home-grown young talent rejecting negative energy and nurturing talent,

And good attitude.

And finally, from equipment and speaker hire to face painter’s, and for instance, fire eater’s, we have it all.

package deals available.

Please Call Us With Your Requirements, DJ-Hire

Your Custom Is Welcome And We Value it Dearly.


Mobile: +44 7312 012418   Email:

Block Music Radio, 24hr Stream with Live DJ’s Original Crew.

DJ Hire London 1983 VIP.

Coupled With Four Live Events Limited.


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Psychedelic Soul Sound © 2021. Sponsored by ELGB Limited. All rights reserved.